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Dark Brown Hair Sample

Halo Hairpieces

Original Halo

This non-damaging Halo is made from 100% Remy Human Hair, the highest quality on the market.  It is heat Safe, Up to 360˚F, can be moderately tailored for specific color needs. Comes with comb, extra Miracle Wire and any alterations needed to customize for the clients individual needs by your Halo stylist.


• Add Instant Length

• Add Instant Volume

• Blends Seamlessly

• Enhance or Add Color

• Low Maintenance

Layered Halo

All of the benefits of the Original Halo plus 30% Extra Grams of hair among gradual built-In Layers.  Most popular extensions allows to add maximum length and volume.

Halo - The Fall
The Fall can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head, The Fall is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. The hair is hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be redirected to blend with your natural hair.  Conceal hair loss and new growth between color services, while adding length and fullness instantly. Pair The Fall with The HALO®, to conceal short layers and create the long hair you’ve always wanted!
Halo - The Ponytail

The Ponytail is a unique Extension, designed to create the long, voluminous ponytail you’ve always wanted. It easily attaches with a small built-in comb and a section of hair wraps around to seamlessly conceal your hair tie.

Instantly enhance your simple ponytail into a sophisticated up-do, or a long flowing style. The Ponytail is lightweight and versatile, allowing you to create any look you desire.

Halo - Tape In Extensions

Tape-In Extensions are comfortably secured by a non-slip, medical grade adhesive. The tabs stay locked in place until ready to be removed. Made of 100% Remy Human Hair, Tape-In Extensions offer a variety of lengths and beautiful colors that will provide you with the luxurious hair you’ve always wanted.

Now with the Balayage and Rooted Tapes added to our 23 Original Colors, achieving the perfect color match has never been easier. Shadow roots in the front and Balayage in the back, just combine different packs to seamlessly blend with every section of your client's hair.  The possibilities are endless.

Tape in extensions stay in your hair for approximately 8-12 weeks, depending on your individual hair growth and color needs.  Extensions can be reused one time after removal depending on the care of the hair during the first wear. Only your Halo stylist can determine reuse and quantity of extensions needed.

Halo - Hair Care Kit

Hair Extensions are no longer attached to your scalp, a living organ and do not receive the natural oils it produces.  This means the products in our shower are not safe or effective.

All of the Halo products are specifically created and formulated for our 100% Remy Human Hair. It’s the only product line we recommend to safely care for your HALO®, Fall, and Ponytail.

  • A multitude of Anti-Aging Peptides and nutrients restores hair’s youthful condition.

  • Keratin seal protection preserves hair’s cuticle to extend the life of your extension.

  • Sulfate-free & Paraben-free formula leaves hair soft and full of shine without build-up.

  • StrandGuard Complex with UV Protection shields hair from environmental factors and prevents color fading.

  • HeatWave Technology in the Silk Spritz and Serum delivers heat into the cortex while protecting the cuticle for longer lasting style.

  • Certified Organic and No Animal Testing.

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