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Jim Merritt - President

Jim Merritt


Jim was educated at the Ohio State University, focusing on global banking economics while simultaneously pursuing his biological sciences interest.  During this time, he also pursued his great passion for rugby earning All American honors and helping Ohio State to 2 consecutive National Final Four appearances.  


Jim's career started in New York City's financial center working on the NYMEX Futures exchange floor in the energies sections of Crude oil, heating oil, and gas.  Despite enjoying the pace of Wall Street, he returned to his roots in Ohio to join Unifacs but was quickly tapped by mining powerhouse U.S. Silica to lead several of their procurement programs.  Jim was then fast-tracked into their sales department to round out his experience and knowledge of corporate operations, where he held several positions.

After a colleague purchased a distressed company, Jim went to work for Ultrablend as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he helped lead the company's turnaround and was also listed as the inventor of several patents for new products.  Jim took these skills to his new post as VP of Sales and Marketing of the International Tape Company (North America), after which he founded Phoenix Tapes in 2011, where he still serves as Chairman.


While serving as an advisor to Oakview Dermatology, Jim was asked to participate in the management of Oakview's growth and was named president after holding various other positions within Oakview.  

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