Kristi Hester


Born and raised in Sarasota, FL. Kristi Hester is the youngest of 3 siblings. At 18 years old she moved to Springfield Ohio to be closer to her sister. Since then she became a mom to two amazing kids, two dogs, and a cat. When she is not at Oakview, she is with her family doing their favorite things such as, hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping, dancing or going to the movies.

Skin care and customer service have always been a passion of Kristi, so she decided to make a career out of it. Kristi started her career journey at Creative Images. After receiving her Advanced Aesthetic license in 2015, she then explored her options in the medical field for a few years which led her to go back to school for medical assisting. Having knowledge in both medical assisting and aesthetics has allowed Kristi to do a variety of things such as, helping the providers and performing procedures such as micro-needling, dermaplaning, and chemical peels, as well as providing cosmetic consultations. Kristi really enjoys being part of such a fantastic team at Oakview dermatology in Springfield, and I look forward to growing with the company.


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