MOHS - Stephen D'Addario, M.D.

Oakview Dermatology offers the most advanced treatment for the removal and cure of most cancers of the skin. Dr. Stephen D'Addario is a board certified dermatologist who has extensive training with complex skin tumors and reconstructive plastic surgery of the skin. He is most capable and ready to provide the best care for our patients and their families when dealing with skin cancer.

Mohs Dermatologic Surgery was developed by Frederic E. Mohs, MD in the 1930s and has been refined for over half a century. Thanks to the accuracy of a microscope, Dr. D'Addario is able to precisely identify and track the entire tumor down to its roots, almost eliminating the chance of tumor recurrence and minimizing the extent of potential scarring (Cure rates approach 99 percent for newly diagnosed cancers and can be as high as 96-98 percent for those cancers that have recurred).

The Mohs procedure includes a specific sequence of surgery and pathological investigation. Initially, Mohs surgeons completely excise the skin cancer with an additional thin layer of tissue from the tumor site. They then create a "map" or drawing of the removed tissue to be used as a guide to the precise location of any remaining cancer cells. Subsequently, the Mohs surgeon will microscopically examine the removed tissue thoroughly to check for evidence of any remaining cancer. If any of the sections contain cancer cells, the Mohs surgeon returns to the specific area of the tumor site as indicated on the map, removes another thin layer of tissue only from the specific area within each section where cancer cells were detected, and microscopically examines the newly removed tissue for additional cancer. This process continues layer-by-layer until the cancer is completely gone.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is primarily used to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas, but can also be used to treat less common tumors. This procedure is especially indicated for cancers that were treated previously and recurred, in cases where scar tissue exists in the area of the cancer, cases where the cancer exists in an area where it is important to preserve healthy tissue for maximum functional and cosmetic results (such as eyelids, nose, ears, and lips), and in cases in which the cancer is large, the edges of the cancer cannot be clearly defined or the cancer is growing rapidly or uncontrollably. In any situation, Mohs micrograpic surgery offers the highest cure rates for cancers of the skin.